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Wells town leaders “nestle” with Nestlé? (letter)

To the Editor, Seacoast Online:

“I’m not listening … no out-of-towner is going to tell us what to do” type of responses at the June 2 Wells selectmen meeting “discussion” reared its head again when two Kennebunk women tried to speak. The same attitude as was apparent at the Town Meeting regarding the water extraction rights sought after by Nestlé/Poland Spring.

Yet at the previous selectmen meeting, these “naysayers” seemed more than happy to accept the “suggestions” from the Nestlé/Poland Spring promoters (from out of town) on how to properly word the Wells ordinance being written to “regulate” (none other than) Nestlé/Poland Spring wanted water extractions.

Why don’t our town leaders want to hear from those who have already dealt with Nestlé/Poland Spring and have already learned more than we are being told? Is it because Nestlé has already “nestled” with them?

If you really want to know what the facts are in this water extraction bid, go to the Global Policy Forum’s Managing World Water website. Get the facts on how the giant transnational corporations, like Nestlé Co., have realized the value of the diminishing water resources around the world and are draining the U.S., and other countries, of its water for private profit. It seems to be all a part of the privatization of commodities financed and promoted principally by the World Bank through the IFC (International Finance Corp.). According to the report, “Privatization makes drinking water a tradable commodity on the stock exchange, like oil, that can be bid up by the investment community.” The corporations often use NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) now called FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) and WTO (World Trade Organization) to push through their “requests.”

You might also want to check out the book “Blue Gold” by Maude Barlow (and the related movie) for a very informative study of “The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of the World’s Water Supply.” It leads off with the following quote, ” The wars of the next century (2000) will be about water.”

S.J. Masi

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