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Nestlé: Draining America Bottle By Bottle (series)

By Joseph Trento and Norah Shipman of DC Bureau.

PART 4 – How Nestlé Got Millions and Millions of Dollars From a $230 Permit
It takes a smart and politically well-connected company like Nestlé to get a drought-stricken state like Florida to give it tens of millions of dollars worth of water…

PART 3 – Creating and Marketing the Demand for Water
Ruth Caplan, co-chair of Alliance for Democracy’s Defending Water for Life campaign, said Nestlé has sophisticated marketing campaigns that convince Americans to buy bottled water: “This whole idea that bottled water is somehow pure is a marketing gimmick that consumers shouldn’t buy.”

PART 2 – Rural Communities Take a Stand
Across the country, communities have raised questions about the environmental impact of Nestlé’s water withdrawal, but Nestlé is not dissuaded and keeps pushing for the plants. A few communities in Colorado, California, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Maine have successfully fought back.

PART 1 – Nestlé Builds an Empire at the Expense of Rural Communities
“At what point did water go from being a public resource and a basic human right to being a commodity?”— Deborah Lapidus, national organizer for Corporate Accountability International

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