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“Envision Spokane” community rights initiative

“Envision Spokane” is a broad-based coalition working to advance the rights of people, neighborhoods and nature. Ten specific rights have been crafted by engaging the community and an initiative to include this bill of rights in the Spokane City Charter will be on the ballot in November.

Click for full Bill of Rights (pdf format).

The Bill of Rights includes:

* The Right to a healthy, locally based economy
* The Right to preventative health care
* The Right to housing
* The Right to a healthy environment
* The Right of nature to exist and flourish
* The Right of neighborhoods to determine their own futures
* The Right to have growth-related infrastructure costs paid
* The Right to be paid a living wage
* The Right to employer neutrality
* The Right to work as apprentices

The Outsider: Thomas Linzey

Meet the puppetmaster/communist/visionary (depending on your view) behind Envision Spokane

By Kevin Taylor, The Pacific Northwest Inlander Full Article

Anti-Envision Protesters

“I can’t determine where this is coming from,” Brad Read, a Shadle Park High teacher and board president of Envision Spokane, says of the opposition. “I don’t know why a process designed to give more people more voice, more power … why is that seen as socialist or Communist? … Most things in it are in the city Comprehensive Plan. What we are doing is giving the Comprehensive Plan legal teeth.”

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