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Nestle brands school children through nationwide “Recycle Bowl”

During these times where people everywhere are encouraged to “go green,” what sounds more responsible than supporting a nationwide competition to increase recycling in schools?  That’s what Nestle is hoping you’ll believe when you see their name across the country, sponsoring the “Recycle-Bowl.”  But what message is sent to the nation’s children when they learn about recycling from a corporation that bottles water for profit?  That it’s okay to buy Nestle’s water, and use more resources, because we can just turn around and recycle..no big deal!  They want people to forget the deep environmental impact caused by profit-driven water mining, trucking, and water bottles that use millions of gallons of oil to produce. Not to mention the critical loss of water rights in local communities.

Here is Nestle’s side of the story.  You can decide for yourself:


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