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“Nature’s Fix” is a new Nestle drug you don’t need

Nestle’s new social media campaign makes buying flavored carbonated water sound as addictive as the next biggest drug.  Calling it’s product, “Nature’s Fix,” the company wants consumers to get “hooked” on the product by succumbing to peer pressure from cute animals.  At the rate Nestle charges for the water they practically steal from vulnerable communities, over 1000 times the cost of tap water, it does seem kind of like a drug.  But it’s not, it’s water that all of us should have the right to drink without the privilege of paying Nestle for it.

“Get hooked on something good,” they say.  We think all of these drug references are fascinating, considering how unnecessary and irresponsible it is to buy bottled water of any kind in the first place.  See the video to the right of this article, “The Story of Bottled Water” for a sobering summary of the impact of plastic bottles on our planet, and all those fuzzy animals that Nestle is ripping off.

Aside from the environmental impact of plastic bottles, Nestle’s tactics to acquire their “fix” has devastated multiple communities around the U.S.  We have a summary of articles underneath our “Nestle” tab for further information.

Animals do not want you to drink Nestle’s water, even if it has little bubbles in it.  Nestle does not protect the environment, they are not good stewards, they are simply a huge corporation looking to create the biggest quarterly statement for their shareholders…and right now, people are into “healthy” products.  Don’t let the glass food storage jars behind the squirrel fool you in the commericals.  Nestle would not make any money if you used your own tap water and squeezed some lime into it.  You can make healthy choices without supporting this company that has a long global history of being destructive to people and to the environment.

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