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East-West Highway: Sample Letter to Transportation Committee Members

Lisa Savage wrote the following letter to the Transportation Committee, and copied her representatives. This is a great sample!

Honorable Members of the Transportation Committee:

It has come to my attention that LR 2358 is being rushed through the committee process in the legislature which has sworn to represent the interests of the people, not the corporations, of Maine. Such a road has been under discussion for 20 years. At this juncture, the “emergency” seems to be that the Cianbro Corporation wants to move ahead with studies for a project that could prove immensely profitable to them.

One of the most compelling arguments against passing emergency legislation is that such a timetable will not take into account potential environmental impacts of this highway, particularly impacts to Maine’s water and forests. As a native of the state of Maine who has been around long enough to note the effects of continual erosion of our natural resources — at very little economic benefit to the people, I might add — I caution you about heading down this destructive path with haste.

An additional matter that resonates with the fast growing movement of Occupy Wall St.’s 99%, a feasibility study of the East-West highway as a private toll road should not be funded by potential investors.  It is unethical to have an investor-funded study of a project that benefits investors.  Any study must be unbiased.

This bill is being rushed through to serve the interests of Cianbro, a private corporation, and Canadian businesses looking to cut transportation costs, without looking at the public interest of all Mainers.  Will the cutting down of our forests, the selling of our water, and being a transport throughway be in the best interest of Maine residents now and in the future?

I would appreciate a communication from you indicating what you plan to do about LD 2358; and I have copied my own representative and senator on this message so that they will be aware of this important issue..

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