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Basic Instructions for accessing MDOT reports using FileZilla

First, download FileZilla.  You’ll have to choose the right version for your computer and run it to install it:

1. Open your web browser and enter the following address:  http://filezilla.sourceforge.net or click the address if available. Select the Download FileZilla Client (all Platforms) button.

Once you have FileZilla do the following below:  And then, look for the files under /East-West Study and download!

1. Start up FileZilla on your computer. After the program is open, look in the upper left hand corner where there is a drop down link called File. Click on File, and you should see the menu drop down. On that drop down menu you will see another link called Site Manager. Click on the Site Manager link.

2. After you have opened the Site Manager link, you should see a pop up box that says Site Manager. You should see a small Tree Menu in the left hand box pane that says My Sites, with a link just below it. This is your account.  You may need to go to “New Site” below and type in “MDOT.”

3. After you have opened your account as described above, you will see 4 input boxes near the middle right of the Site Manager pop up box. They are the following:

  • Logon Type: This should already be displaying Normal
  • User: This should already be displaying mdottemp
  • Password: Here you will have to put in the password case#swim
  • Account: This box should be grayed out. This box can be ignored.

After typing in the case#swim password, click on the Connect Button. This should connect you to the FTP server.

4. After you click on the Connect button as described above, you will see a pop up box asking you if you still want to connect to the server because a host key is unknown. (If you want to, you can click on the Always Trust this Host Checkbox so you will not get this warning everytime you log onto the FTP server). After this, click on the Ok button. This will connect you to the FTP server.

5. After you click on the Ok button described above, you will see four panes. The two panes on the left hand side of the computer screen are your computers files and folders, and the two panes on the right hand side is the FTP server.

6. To transfer files from your computer to the FTP server, you can drag and drop a file from your computer to the FTP server, or choose a file on your computer and right mouse click on it.

  • Drag and Drop Method
    • Choose a file on your computer by clicking on it once with your left mouse button.
    • Holding the button down, drag your mouse pointer from the left side panel to the right side panel.
    • After you have the file in the right side panel area, let go of the left mouse button, and the file will be transferred over
  • Upload Method
    • Choose a file on your computer by clicking on it with your right mouse button.
    • After you do this, you will see a small popup box. At the top of the pop up box, there will be a link choice called Upload. Click on the Upload link, and your file will be uploaded to the FTP server.
    • 7. After you have completed any file transfers that you needed to do, click on the Disconnect Button to end your session.

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