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Fryeburg / Nestlé Action Alert #2: We got an extension, now demand a public hearing!



Yes, the good news is that the PUC has extended the comment period to Sept.

Thanks to everyone who took action to let the PUC know that the public has a
right to more time to submit comments on the deal between Fryeburg Water
Company and Nestlé/Poland Spring.

We are pleased that the Public Advocate’s office called for an extension and
give a special shout out to Nisha Swinton with Food and Water Watch who
formally petitioned the PUC for an extension.

Now we have to demand a public hearing to force open the door and let the
light shine on the backroom deal that the Fryeburg Water Company has struck
with Nestlé/Poland Spring.  We know that a public hearing is not a part of the
formal record used to decide the case, but neither are decisions made in a
vacuum.  The PUC Commissioners need to know that there is widespread objection
to this deal.

All three Commissioners have been far too cozy with Nestlé. In our first
alert, we called out PUC Chairman Thomas Welch and Commissioner David Littell
who both previously worked at Pierce, Atwood which has a long history of
representing Nestlé. We should have also mentioned that the third
commissioner, Mark Vannoy, worked as an Associate Vice President in the
infrastructure and civil practice group at Wright Pierce where he had close
associations with Nestlé.

Nestlé has no right to the water for the next 45 years. Fryeburg Water Company
has no right to guaranteed profits from selling the spring water to Nestlé.

As a nun once said to a VP of NWNA when we were invited inside after
protesting outside,  “Nestlé Water North America….who says the water belongs
to you?  It belongs to God.”  Some might say the water belongs to all life.

Water is a fundamental right for people and nature.  Nestlé’s profit should
not come before this fundamental right.


Call PUC Attorney Matthew Kaply (207) 287-1368 who is in charge of this case.
Thank him for the extension and insist on a public hearing.

You can also call or e-mail Karen Geraghty, PUC Administrative Director to
whom formal requests are made.  Again, thank her for the extension and insist
on a public hearing.
Tel: 207-287-3831      e-mail:   karen.geraghty@maine.gov

As before, you can sign in as a registered public user on the PUC website and
post specific comments which will go to the staff and Commissioners.
http://www.maine.gov/mpuc/online/index.shtml   Put in Case No. 2008-00052

The pdf of the filed agreement is at

Thanks for all you do!
Ruth and Chris

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