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BDN LTE March 1, 2013 from Garland resident

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Slogan change

On Feb. 23, an informational meeting was held in the town of Garland. More than 100 residents attended, and the overwhelming consensus was firmly against the east-west corridor project.

At times folks were emotional when discussing the possibility of losing their way of life forever to this environmental disaster in the making.

The residents of Garland and all of Maine need to stand together to stop this from ever happening. We live here in rural Maine because we have seen and experienced life in more urban areas and do not want that lifestyle, the congestion, the noise and pollution.

We call upon our state leaders to halt this project before it’s too late and Maine is forever altered.

One of Maine’s slogans is, “The way life should be.” Let’s not have to change it to, “The way life once was, until big business came along and destroyed it.”

Joseph Valentim


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