Alliance’s Ruth Caplan and Nancy Price on WBAI’s “Eco-Logic”

On Tuesday, AfD’s co-chair Nancy Price and Defending Water for Life campaign chair Ruth Caplan were guests on Eco-Logic, broadcast on WBAI in New York City. Ruth and Nancy were joined on the show by Susan Shapiro, of the Radiation and Public Health Project. You can listen to the show on WBAI’s online archive

      1. here
; the conversation starts around 15 minutes in.

The show focused on the safety of our drinking water, a topic that’s gotten more media attention in the last month due to ongoing crises with lead contamination in Flint and before that, shutoffs in Detroit, and the damage done there and elsewhere by austerity measures that seek to balance city and state budgets by putting the most economically-vulnerable citizens at risk. But as the guests emphasize, the problems with access to water and water contamination go far beyond one state or a few cities. Nancy, Ruth and Susan talk about the past, present and potential impacts of Wall Street deals, privatization, the nuclear industry, and international trade agreements.

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