Questions and caution as California looks at single-tunnel water project

The dual-tunnel California WaterFix project is off the drawing board, but concerns about what might replace it remain as long as the state works on a promised assessment of a single-tunnel project for the Sacramento River Delta. This article takes a look at how that assessment process has begun, noting that much of the specifics of the project remain undefined, including “the path the tunnel would take, its capacity, and the number and location of intakes.”
River advocates are questioning the process. “This whole series of meetings with the water contractors and DWR, without really any meaningful public input, is putting the cart on the top of the horse. I wouldn’t even say it’s putting the cart before the horse. It can’t go anywhere,” said Michael Brodsky, legal council for Save the California Delta Alliance. Meanwhile, Restore the Delta said they will “evaluate the single tunnel proposal with an honest, factual, critical eye when the proposal is brought forward,” with the goal of protecting “fisheries and water quality for all Delta communities.

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