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Protecting Our Water and Wildlife Resources
in Shapleigh and Newfield


POWWR, 185 Hooper Rd., Shapleigh, ME 04076


Since 2005, Nestlé has been looking to mine water in our area. In 2006 & 2007, the multinational corporation received permission from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to sink 16 bore wells in the Vernon Walker Wildlife Management Area.

The towns of Shapleigh and Newfield share land in the Vernon Walker Wildlife Management Area, the boundary being the Little Ossipee River. The sand and gravel aquifer shared by both towns is prized by Nestlé for bottling as its Poland Spring brand. Nestlé’s initial interest was to sign a bulk water extraction contract with the State of Maine.

When the state offered a price too high for Nestlé, the corporation literally went across the street where the town of Shapleigh owns property above the coveted aquifer.

In Sept. 2008, the citizens of the town of Shapleigh voted overwhelmingly for a 180-day moratorium to protect their groundwater. The vote count was 204 for the moratorium and 38 against. The citizens of the town also voted NO to drilling and testing by Nestle on the town-owned parcel of land. The vote was 183 against Nestlé and 44 for allowing testing and drilling.

Feb. 28, 2009, Shapleigh residents made clear their demand to control large-scale water extraction in their community by enacting an ordinance entitled “Shapleigh Water Rights and Local Self-Government” by a vote of 114 to 66.   See: Shapleigh closes tap for water companies.

On Mar. 14, 2009, Newfield residents enacted a similar ordinance by a vote of 228 to 146.  See:  Newfield Passes Ban On Large Scale Water Extraction.

Congratulations activists!





Vernon S. Walker Wildlife Management Area