Water bottles: billions sold each year

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some folks buy bottled water because it tastes better than what they can get from the tap. The taste of the water, regardless of its source, is based on dissolved mineral and the way its disinfected method. Some municipalities add a small amount of chlorine to the water. Bottled water manufacturers often use other methods to avoid the after taste.

According to earth911.com , Americans purchase nearly 30 billion bottle of water each year! Less than 30% are recycled.

“Sometimes I recycle them. Sometimes I don’t,” Chris Wozny from West Springfield admitted to 22News on Wednesday, “Depending on how lazy I am that day.”

Wozny said he drinks three to four cases of water a week.

By recycling, raw materials are not only conserved, energy is saved. Earth911.com states that 1/3 the energy is required to recycle an old plastic bottle than to start from scratch. Recycled plastic can also be made into carpet, fleece clothing, and decking.

A Poland Spring half liter bottle stands about 8” high. It is one of the shorter bottles of water sold. If 29.8 billion of these bottles (the number of water bottles Americans buy each year) were stacked end to end, they would circle the earth the earth more than 150 times!

Poland Spring , like some other manufactures, has changed the design of its bottles to incorporate less plastic.

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