Health concerns at Poland Springs bottling plant in Framingham

The Milford Daily News, June 12, 2011
FRAMINGHAM -Concerned about a 500 percent increase in water quality complaints, the state and town are monitoring Nestle’s Poland Spring bottling plant on Pennsylvania Avenue.
State and town inspectors first visited the facility in April, looking for the cause of unpleasant taste, odor and sickness reported by some Poland Spring home and office delivery customers…..
Stamford, Conn.-based Nestle Waters told officials they’ve noticed a sharp increase in complaints over the past year about water bottled in Framingham.
There were 3,573 complaints involving taste and odor and 54 complaints about illness between last September and April that trace back to the plant at 105 Pennsylvania Ave., near the Southborough line, the company says….
Inspectors suspected that complaints could possibly be tied to peeling paint on some pipes and water droplets from condensation that were falling from overhead pipes near the bottle rinsing area, Zemel said…
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