Bay Delta plan costs triple

Sacramento, CA – Restore the Delta (RTD) coalition have warned that Gov. Brown’s administration – in its rush to build Peripheral Tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom salmon and other Pacific fisheries – is refusing to follow its own guidelines for determining whether a project’s benefits outweigh its costs.

The latest cost estimate for building Peripheral Tunnels has tripled from initial estimates, and not a shovel has yet been turned. “The first estimate was $4 billion, and is now more than $14 billion,” said Jane Wagner-Tyack, RTD policy analyst. “The cost keeps escalating and the benefits diminishing.”

Three separate analyses of the costs, benefits and financial burdens of the proposed Bay-Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), and its Peripheral Tunnels all found it costs more than its benefits, and that it will impose a heavy financial burden on California businesses and families. Analysis by ECONorthwest suggest that the project could cost a typical Los Angeles family up to $9,000.



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