Steering Committee looking for new members

Hi everyone,
The current STEWC steering committee is looking for new members.  We are asking everyone who is interested in helping to lead STEWC to join us next Friday, December 5th at 10am to explore next steps for our coalition.  Find directions at the end of this email, and be in touch if you are interested, but unavailable that day.  (I’m sorry, we weren’t able to find a time after normal work hours before the holidays.)
Current steering committee members are:
Jim Freeman
Louise Ringle
Tom Kemp
Heidi Brugger
Eric Tuttle
Chris Buchanan
We are very grateful for past steering committee members as well!
So far, STEWC has been incredibly successful at creating resources, providing an information hub at, online communication tools through the listserv, and monthly face-to-face meetings to ensure everyone who wants has access to information and each other for collaboration.  We’ve also organized trainings and community conversations to facilitate collaboration.  As statewide coordinator, I feel good about the fact that anyone who wants to get involved could use our tools to find a yard sign, brochures, a local group, a model ordinance, or plug in to larger statewide efforts through the steering committee.  We’ve travelled the state doing presentations across the entire corridor path and other strategic areas about Cianbro’s proposal, and supporting local or regional groups with resources and advice.
As a reminder, anyone who has information can share it with everyone else by emailing stop_the_east_west_corridor(at)lists(dot)riseup(dot)net, or using our Facebook page, Stop the East-West Corridor.
If bulldozers ever started rolling, at the drop of a hat we could and would take action!  We are from all different social and political backgrounds, and we share the belief with a majority of Mainers that we do not want an East-West Corridor.  We have so much strength in so many ways!
With the elections behind us and no clear end in sight, I believe we need some new energy within STEWC, a strong team to move forward together, with committment to our own personal wellbeing and each other for the long haul.  STEWC provides a cloak of unity.  Whenever we choose, we can throw it on and become a unified front.  That is powerful, too.
STEWC was created through consensus decision making and has been operating as a consensus based, participant-driven coalition of community members ever since.  I believe we make the best decisions together, and I hope that people come forward to join the steering committee and guide STEWC forward.  The one thing we all agree on is that we don’t want an East-West Corridor, period, and that’s what we mean when we say, NO CORRIDOR, NO COMPROMISE!
much peace, Chris
Directions to Jim’s on Verona Island: Call 570-4145

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