Notes from Vigue Presentation to WTS, Senator Inn, Augusta, 4-12-12

April 12, 2012 ~ Chris Notes

Women’s Transportation Seminar hosts Peter Vigue at Senator Inn, Augusta


-humble from Pittsfield and had good fortue

-has watched transformation of economy w/in last 25 years, especially in Northern ME

-communities already have infrastructure in place

-unemployment is over 14%, people are underutilized

-Peter asks, how do we move up?

-for Peter, connectivity

-we can’t export to China, etc., and we need to

-we don’t have an economic plan for ME

-Peter travels outside of ME to increase opportunity for Cianbro

-people here are highly skilled

-“perception is in the eye of the beholder”

-we do perceive ourselves as at the end of the road

-multiple Canadian companies who are top investors in ME

-Chris ?: how much more $ would we get if they were ME owned

Note: Peter has changed presentation to note “East-West Corridor”

-consumers pay for transportation costs (in general)

-route through Bangor, Newport, Skowhegan, Bethel, etc. is too expensive to build, and will take too long (25 years)

Point:  -with all those Canadian investors in ME, why is MDOT going out of business?  why is Maine’s middle “hollow”?


-there will be a RR facility East of the Penobscot river, and another intermodal at Brownville

-Wildlife Crossings-

-HW will be fenced, and allow for crossings

-it will be a demonstration for all other roads around the U.S. and beyond

-“Long-Term Transportation, Utility, and Communications Corridor”-

-“transmission lines, gas lines, all of that” are used all over the place (Peter placed his hands over each other to show how they sprawl all around)

-confine utilities to 1 swath of clear cutting

-corridor is a collaborative approach

-ME becomes the NorthEast Trade Gateway

-“dynamic approaches to competing in a global economy”

-i.e. building modules like they do in Brewer and sending them to the Nickel plan (I believe in Labrador, CA)

-example of Maine manufacturers of trunk liners for cars that ships to the Midwest and needs to transport product w/in 24 hours

-fills Maine’s hollow middle- all of these rural communities in northern and central ME

-they are not attacking the North ME woods, due to the fact that is it south of them

-Peter brought up example of Brunswick, and how wide the streets are in that community but that it’s still a vibrant downtown

-one of the best planned, Peter thinks

-the highway is taxable

-jobs: people employed for highway maintenance

-tourism: will increase access to Sugarloaf

-“planning at this current time 6 interchanges”

-Cianbro doesn’t build roads, but bridges and structures



-does have a highly interested investor

-will cross 2 major rivers, and 20 smaller structures for smaller waterways

-they will work with Audubon, Nature Conservancy, and others

-proposed MPH: 75 mph, not currently planned to have a bike path but he’s open to listen to public demand

-car toll: can’t determine cost yet, depends on projected traffic count, but, the toll should be attractive to cars.

-truck toll: “toll is 1/3 or less” of how much is costs now for trucks to drive around ME

-talked about ME as the “bread basket of the NE”

-Betty Noyes created Libra foundation to promote economy in in northern ME

-supports growers of barley, that feed all natural cows that are process in the Midwest and sold for $15/lb

-branding: ME has special privilege to brand products because people want stuff from ME

E-W SuperCorridor: Defending Water for Life Interview with Jennifer Rooks from MaineWatch

Program: Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks, Episode: East-West Highway in Maine

Description from MPBN: The legislature has just approved funding to study the feasibility of a four lane private highway from Calais to Coburn Gore. Supporters say it would transform the economy of Northern and Eastern Maine. Others are concerned about environmental impacts. Cianbro CEO Peter Vigue, who has been a champion of the idea, and Barbara Charry of Maine Audubon will discuss the idea with us.

• Visit the East-West Highway in Maine webpage

Action Alert: Protest “Gateway to Opportunity” Luncheon this Thursday

Action Alert: No East-West Corridor

Protest “Gateway to Opportunity” Luncheon

this Thursday, March 29th at 11:45am,

(Canadian time, so 10:45 Maine time) 

LD 1671, An Act To Provide Funding to the Department of Transportation for a Feasibility Study for an East-West Highway, was approved by the House and Senate last week.  Now it’s time to up the ante.

Cianbro President Peter Vigue and Maine DOT Commissioner David Bernhardt are being hosted by the Town of St. Stephen to share “his vision of transportation for Maine” at a noon luncheon.  We’ll crash the party by sharing our vision of Maine without a supercorridor. Please forward widely!


Where:  405 Milltown Boulevard, St. Stephen, New Brunswick Canada at the St. Patrick’s Church Hall (link to map below)



  • Bring your passport to cross the border
  • We will protest outside.  Bring banners, signs, etc.
  • We need a video camera and MPBN will use our footage in their upcoming story.  Let me know if you can film or lend us your camera!
  • A couple of us will attend the lunch itself.  The lunch costs $20 and requires registration. I will register myself but want one more person. We can cover your cost.  Let me know ASAP.
  • If we get media coverage, we’ll need a media point person.  I’ll prep a media packet.  Let me know if you can do this.
  • Carpools.  Let’s make that happen.  I have room in my car.


Announcement in Calais Advertiser:


Link to location map:,+st.+stephen,+new+brunswick&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x4ca5f8d78728d2a5:0x81bb48610046c69c,405+Milltown+Blvd,+St+Stephen,+NB+E3L+1J3,+Canada&gl=us&ei=7J1wT4jpJuX10gHb3PWwBg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCAQ8gEwAA


Meeting:  Our next strategy meeting is this Wednesday as 6pm at the Newport Entertainment Center in Newport.  Join us!


Contact: Chris Buchanan, 207-257-1443 or chris(at)defendingwater(dot)net


More info: